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Tim Miner

Keynote Speaker | Professor | CEO

Tim Miner is a professor at Pratt Institute and a renowned dynamic speaker. Known for his deep expertise in artificial intelligence, Tim leaves audiences inspired, energized and ready to take on the next challenge to advance their careers and business. Whether he is speaking to teams undergoing major change, top performers needing to break performance barriers, or an all-hands meeting focusing on career development, Tim delivers an unforgettable and transformative experience that will take your meeting to the next level.

In the corporate world, Tim serves as President and CEO of BTP Technologies where he specializes in assisting companies leverage AI for improved efficiency, effectiveness, and business growth. He is an experienced executive who has held leadership roles at Salesforce, IBM, and

"Tim kept us captivated with his description of the market and culture shifts AI will invoke in our industry"
Joe Abruzzo
SVP Commercial Banking Santander NA
"If you are ready to take your productivity, effectiveness, and creativity to the next level, this is for you. Trust us, everyone in our company has become obsessed with ChatGPT! We've “hired” new AI staff by “employing” ChatGPT for specific workloads. This has revolutionized our operations, saving us time and money, and allows us to focus on growth opportunities like never before!"
Ingo Schröder
CEO, Founder maiwerk Finanzpartner
"I was blown away by the incredibly useful content Tim presented. The actionable insights he shared have transformed my day-to-day responsibilities, boosting my efficiency tenfold."
M. Nyhus
Business Strategist

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