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Strategizing for Success!

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Let’s focus on productive teams, increased efficiency, and a strong competitive edge.

With 10+ years of experience in helping businesses grow, we’ve mastered the skills of understanding business requirements irrespective of the industry they serve. Our clients all have one thing in common, the desire to take their business higher.


Bring clarity to the priorities, strategies and opportunities within businesses or roles to help them achieve the exceptional results they desire.


We strive to enable our clients to have clear direction, focus and achieve success in all the areas of their business.

Meet the Team

President and Founder

Tim Miner

Tim Miner is an experienced executive who has held leadership roles at Salesforce, IBM, and Tact.ai. He currently directs By The People Technologies LLC, helping clients achieve digital transformation through innovative AI-based solutions. As a consultant, Tim understands the need for organizations to set achievable goals for successful AI integration. He is also a Visiting Professor at Pratt Institute, teaching how to build AI into Design Thinking. With ChatGPT, Tim empowers management teams to leverage AI and stay ahead in their industry.

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